On demand yoga, pilates, prehab, strength training and dance technique classes.

Content from industry professionals in physiology, performance psychology, flow state and mindfulness.


Downloadable segments focusing on West Coast Swing; styling, solo movement, patterns and combo’s.

Movement + Lab Events

Choreo Camp

At CHOREO CAMP you’ll have the opportunity to learn unique choreography, challenge yourself with Solo + Movement classes, and train your body and mind to be prepared for peak performance.

There’s a reason the best Swing dancers all have routine titles in their biographies. Learn how to use this tool to take your dancing to the next level IMMEDIATELY!

PARTNERED + MOVEMENT: Push your partnering skills, speed, precision, musicality and lines

SOLO + MOVEMENT: Cross train your swing/movement; work on body control, dynamics, improve proprioception and memorization skills

PERFORMANCE + LAB:  Tools and tricks to unlock expressive movement; learn how to display volume, tone and texture to embody the characteristics of music

RESTORE + REVIVE: Gentle yoga for creating a deeper connection with your body; how to care for your body so you can dance for a lifetime.

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