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Movement + Lab

Move Like a Dancer

Movement + Lab

Move Like a Dancer


On demand yoga, pilates, prehab, strength training and dance technique classes.


Content from industry professionals in physiology, performance psychology, flow state and mindfulness.


Downloadable segments focusing on West Coast Swing; styling, solo movement, patterns and combo’s.

Movement + Lab Events

choreo camp west

Choreo Camp Northwest

At CHOREO CAMP you’ll have the opportunity to learn unique choreography, challenge yourself with Solo + Movement classes, and train your body and mind to be prepared for peak performance.

There’s a reason the best Swing dancers all have routine titles in their biographies. Learn how to use this tool to take your dancing to the next level IMMEDIATELY!

PARTNERED + MOVEMENT: Push your partnering skills, speed, precision, musicality and lines

SOLO + MOVEMENT: Cross train your swing/movement; work on body control, dynamics, improve proprioception and memorization skills

PERFORMANCE + LAB:  Tools and tricks to unlock expressive movement; learn how to display volume, tone and texture to embody the characteristics of music

MINDFUL + MOVEMENT: Gentle yoga for creating a deeper connection with your body; how to care for your body so you can dance for a lifetime.


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Practice Programming & Coaching with Sean and Courtney

Feel like you have so much to practice but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help.
Set an appointment and we’ll discuss your current practice, goals, obstacles, areas of study, and interests.

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